Weaving with Bamboo - Thirasara (meaning : sustainable)

Weaving with Bamboo - Thirasara (meaning : sustainable)

Our bamboo fabric, renowned for its luxurious softness akin to cashmere and natural sheen, is a sought-after product exclusive to Kandygs. Handwoven into exquisite fabrics, it drapes like silk, embodying elegance and sustainability.

At the heart of handloom weaving lies "Thirasara," meaning sustainability—an ethos deeply ingrained in our practices. We are steadfast in our commitment to sustainability, manifested through the exclusive use of biodegradable raw materials. Bamboo, heralded as the ecological alternative to cotton, stands as the cornerstone of our ecological journey. This initiative was launched as a passion project by our Director of Designs, Anuradha Yahampath, reflecting the values instilled in Kandygs by our founders Mr. and Mrs. Yahampath.


Bamboo, the largest member of the grass family and the fastest-growing woody plant, thrives in diverse climates without the need for fertilizer or pesticides thereby making it an organic textile. Its remarkable water use efficiency, coupled with its ability to regenerate itself after harvesting, renders it an environmentally sound choice. Moreover, bamboo serves as a significant carbon sink, further enhancing its sustainability credentials. Thus, the bamboo plant emerges as a sustainable and versatile resource, aligning seamlessly with our mission to promote eco-conscious practices.

This fabric has several highly attractive features – it is soft like cashmere and shines like silk, a permeable and actively breathing fabric thus perfectly suited for tropical climates, does not cling to the body, and is highly water absorbent. This last feature makes bamboo fabric a popular choice for babies’ nappies and clothes.

From these sustainably sourced bamboo fibers, our skilled artisans spin yarns of unparalleled softness and strength. Each thread carries with it a narrative of tradition and innovation, woven together to craft fabrics that rival the luxurious feel of cashmere and the natural sheen of silk.

As our looms bring these yarns to life, the resulting fabrics exude elegance and sustainability in equal measure. Whether gracing your living space with our home textiles or enriching your wardrobe with our slow fashion pieces, every creation from Kandygs embodies our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

We invite you to join us in embracing the beauty of bamboo—not merely as an ecological alternative to cotton, but as a symbol of our dedication to a greener, more sustainable future. With each purchase, you're not just acquiring a product; you're investing in a vision of sustainability that transcends borders and generations.

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