Kandygs was started by Felix and Sita Yahampath, it was started with just 10 machines in their back garden. The Kandygs name is derived from the first initial of the names of their children. Presently, the company is operating as a family business, with the second generation joining the business in the 1990s and as of 2015, the third generation followed in their footsteps.

Over the years, the company has evolved into housing over 300 handlooms, 30 power looms, 50 sewing machines and a fully equipped dye house.

Our first store in Colombo, Sri Lanka opened its doors in 1976, expanding to 3 more outlets. We entered the export market in 1980, beginning in Europe with countries like Norway, Finland, Germany, the UK, Spain and then expanding to Japan, the Maldives and South Korea.

Currently, Seetha Yahampath remians as the founder/ chairperson of Kandygs Handlooms Exports Ltd, her eldest daughter Anuradha Yahampath acts as the Director of Textile Designing and the youngest son Kaushala Yahampath acts as the current Managing Director. Isuri Nanayakkara became the General Manager representing the 3rd generation of Kandygs Handlooms Exports Ltd.

The handloom market in Sri Lanka is varied based on which company you purchase from, as it is dictated by the quality of weaving, yarn and dyeing.

The Kandygs consumers are conscious of quality and design as it is a high end specialised market. We promote the concept of slow, ethical and sustainable textiles that protect the traditional industry. When you purchase a product from Kandygs you safeguard this tradition and essentially bring tradition home.

We have the added advantage of complete customisation and product development. We accommodate and encourage design innovation as long as it does not compromise our ethics.

Our aim is to weave contemporary designs of the highest quality whilst safeguarding and nurturing the traditional handloom industry.